'NO-MARK' PREMIER SET Itek 960, 975, Ryobi 3200DX


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The 'No-Mark' Premier Craftsman Set consists of:
  • Two Main Wheels
  • 16 TEFCLEAN Feet
  • 12 'Tuff Work' BRUSH Wheels
  • 12 'Heavy Stock' TEFCLEAN Wheels
    Replaces the OEM star wheels on your press. Lets you easily print HEAVY SOLIDS, HALFTONES and SCREENS on coated stocks with no ink marking. Soft thin face natural hair brush wheels are fully adjustable around circumference of wheels. They repel ink and provide the famous 'No-Mark' Floating Kiss to all text weight papers. Use the TEFCLEAN Wheels for running up to 28 pt. coated stocks with ease.
    All 'No-Mark' products carry a 6-Month Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee from the manufacturer.

    Unsure about your model? Measure your shaft diameter and OEM wheel diameter. Call with this information for help, 800-341-6650.
    • Part#: 665SWPC

    • Part#: 665SWPC

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